Demolition For Brisbane & Ipswich

The Area 51 team have successfully completed several small to medium demolition jobs around Brisbane and Ipswich


Here at Area 51 we are fully equipped to take care of private demolition work and are licensed to demolish any building under 10m of height. You can rely on Area 51 with your Brisbane and Ipswichhouse demolition.

In House Demolition

As the material  has many uses and can be found in a multitude of products, it can almost be impossible to recognise it without a trained eye. If you're unsure where to begin call 1300 AREA 51 and we will carry out comprehensive asbestos testing.

All removals will be carried out in compliance with worksafe requirements and all Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

The Demolition Process

Before demolition can begin we will thoroughly inspect every part of the building. At this point we will carefully identify and action any removals required, as once disturbed, asbestos becomes an airborne health hazard. At all times the removal of asbestos must be carried out by a licensed asbestos remover. Only once the building has been cleared of all traces of the substance, including any materials the fibres may have penetrated, a safe demolition method is decided upon.

Council approval is obtained and documented and demolition begins with the removal of services. Only once these matters are taken care of can the actual demolition begin in which the building is raised using the most efficient methods and machinery possible. This is all achieved with the knowledge and expertise gained with 20 years in the industry.

For more information on house demolition call 1300 AREA 51 or simply complete the web form and we will be in touch.