How much do you know about Asbestos Disposal?

Removal of AsbestosAt our Ipswich based Area 51 Asbestos, we have already written a series of articles explaining the dangers of Asbestos. We have gone into detail on why the substance is so dangerous, and also why you should never attempt to remove it yourself. In today’s installment of our educational series on asbestos we will educate our Brisbane readers on the processes involved in asbestos disposal, so that you may never attempt to perform this hazardous task yourself.

What Happens after Asbestos is removed?

During the asbestos removal process, our trained workers take every step to ensure that no dangerous fibers are released into the atmosphere. This involves the immediate containment of the asbestos products as they are being removed, followed by an additional bagging process to prevent any leaks. In compliance with the QLD Government Standards these bags must be minimum .2mm thick, and sealed tightly using tape. The bag must then be appropriately tagged and labeled to make certain that any future handler is aware of its dangerous contents.

Where does it go?

These bags of asbestos are then correctly transported to a landfill site which is approved to accept asbestos waste. Only some sites are approved to accept these, so depending on where you live will depend on how far it must be transported. Additionally, each site charges a varied rate for the disposal fees due to the difficulty that comes with correctly disposing such a material.

How does it get there?

The bags of asbestos must be correctly transported to the landfill site in a safe manner, which follows all guidelines outlined by the Queensland government. The guidelines vary depending on where the material is being removed from, and also the quantity of the asbestos.

In today’s blog post, we have answered some of the most popular questions about asbestos disposal which our team at the Ipswich based Area 51 Asbestos receives quite regularly. If you would like to find out any more about the process, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 1300 273 251.