Commercial Asbestos Removal

Builders are allowed to move up to 10m2 of bonded asbestos without a license – e.g. about 3m x 3m of wall, floor or ceiling. To avoid fines associated with uninformed builders not taking proper precautions, or removing too much ACM, it's better to stick with the professionals. We are easy to deal with, reliable and affordable.

Even if the builder or yourself have removed the dangerous material, only registered vehicles may carry certain quantities of the scraps to specialised tips. Our vehicles are fully registered with DERM to carry and dump ACM. If the asbestos needing to be removed is friable, builders or even specialist removalists can't remove it. We're fully licensed and equipped to remove the friable varieties, which is most common in commercial buildings.

At Area 51, we understand the dangers and inconvenience of working with asbestos, the importance of safe demolition and removal from your property. We appreciate the need for operations to run smoothly, so we will be in communication with you throughout the job to ensure it gets done right first time, everytime.

Let us deal with the danger

At Area 51, a large percentage of our business stems from commercial work ranging from small trades to full-scale developments. Asbestos by its very nature is difficult to work with, so why take the chance?

Government regulations strictly state that incorrectly handled ACM is extremely hazardous. Don't risk attracting a fine and endangering those exposed to the job site by hiring unspecialised operators.

Area 51 are the fully licensed experts in the clean and safe demolition, removal, transportation and disposal of large volumes of the materials. We are also fully certified by the EPA to dispose of asbestos waste.


We aim to expedite the removal of any contaminated waste, and take the hassle out of the removal of this difficult material.

When good enough just isn't good enough call 1300 AREA 51. Or simply fill out the web form for a fast quote.