Even the Queen is having Asbestos issues!

buckinghampalace 11Living in Brisbane, quite often when we think of properties which are riddled with asbestos we automatically begin to think of subtle and small homes. We think of houses that were built sometime before 1985. Perhaps we even think about businesses and older apartment blocks which may contain the material. But ever in your wildest dreams did you think that BUCKINGHAM PALACE WOULD HAVE ASBESTOS PROBLEMS?!

That’s right! One of the great symbols of the United Kingdom, the Buckingham Palace, is actually full of asbestos! During the 1940’s, asbestos was commonly used in the palace when electrical cables were being installed. This was quiet common in normal homes during this time, as the asbestos’s heat resistant properties were a wonderful way to insulate and protect the building.

Of course, as time has gone by we have come to understand the dangers of Asbestos, mainly its ability to cause lung cancer amongst anyone who even breathes in the tiniest of particles. The reason that this occurs is because the fibers in asbestos are actually so fine that if inhaled, the human body is unable to reject it from the body. As a result, your body will begin to ‘throw everything it has’ at the fiber, which literally results in a buildup of cells which become cancerous.

Obviously the Queen and the royal family want absolutely nothing to do with such a brutal material, which is why they have already begun the process of stripping the asbestos from the palace. Almost 1 million pounds has already been spent, with an extra few million pounds needed to complete the job.

It’s truly remarkable to think of the widespread damage that asbestos is causing across the entire world, not just Brisbane. If you would like to find out any more about asbestos in your local area, please give Bill from Area 51 Asbestos a call today on 1300 273 251.