Where is asbestos found in the home?

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With around 1 in 3 Australian households containing asbestos of some sort it can be useful to know the areas of the home where undisturbed asbestos is typically found. Knowing where materials containing asbestos fibres are likely to be found is important when renovating or doing other work to the property since it allows proper precautions to be taken. In today’s news post, the team at Area 51 Asbestos have put together a list of common areas and rooms where asbestos is found to help raise awareness so homeowners are conscious of likely asbestos locations and avoid disrupting these areas.

Bedrooms, Living Room and Study

In these rooms, asbestos materials can often be found in carpet underlays, internal walls and ceilings, and vents or chimneys to fireplaces. Low density asbestos has also been frequently used in ceiling boards and wall sheeting in these rooms.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

These frequently renovated rooms of the house are also areas where asbestos containing materials are typically found in high concentrations compared to other areas of the home.  Areas where asbestos is frequently used include hot water piping, sheeting under floor tiles – whether ceramic or vinyl, backing behind wall tiles, and in cement piping for sewerage or fresh water supply.

Other areas of the home

Due to its affordability and versatility as a building material, asbestos in older properties is likely to be used throughout the entire home is differing quantities. House sheeting, guttering and internal angle mouldings often contain materials with asbestos, as do roofing and eaves of the home. Homeowners should exercise caution when cleaning or hosing roofs as materials can become disturbed. Asbestos can also be found in insulation for floor heating, and insulation for hot water pipes and rain tanks.

It’s important to note that asbestos building materials in good condition do not pose health risks if left undisturbed. Over time however is it possible that asbestos materials can become exposed and create a health risk for you and your family. Since exposed asbestos can be difficult to identify or even know about, getting a professional team like Area 51 Asbestos to undertake a professional assessment of the property, and conduct asbestos removal is a smart solution. For more information, call the asbestos team you can trust on 1300 273 251.