Tonnes of asbestos dumped near day care centre

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It was a find of the worst kind for New South Wales Fire and Rescue teams in inner Sydney after two tonnes of asbestos sheeting was discovered just metres from two childcare centres. Clean-up crews were dispatched to Wattle Lane in Ultimo to clean up the presumed illegal dumping of the cancer causing chemical, amid concerns of fibres being blown from wind into nearby childcare centres. Continue reading

Asbestos Fears in Storm Clean-up

Asbestos Removal, Brisbane

The forces of nature have proved unforgiving in Queensland in recent years, including in Brisbane, which has suffered from flooding and severe storms. Of the natural disasters that have affected the state, many fibro homes have also been damaged. Asbestos containing debris from these structures poses a significant risk for those involved in the mammoth clean-up operation. Continue reading

What are the types of Asbestos Used Commercially?

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The team of Brisbane asbestos removal specialists here at Area 51 Asbestos deal with a number of different forms of asbestos fibres that have been used commercially including in household constructions. While all asbestos fibres are a carcinogenic health concern, they come in different forms which have varying properties and fall into different classes.
Since our team strongly believes asbestos education is the best method of preventing exposure, today’s blog post compares the different forms of asbestos, including where these forms have been typically used in a commercial setting. Continue reading

Where is asbestos found in the home?

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With around 1 in 3 Australian households containing asbestos of some sort it can be useful to know the areas of the home where undisturbed asbestos is typically found. Knowing where materials containing asbestos fibres are likely to be found is important when renovating or doing other work to the property since it allows proper precautions to be taken. In today’s news post, the team at Area 51 Asbestos have put together a list of common areas and rooms where asbestos is found to help raise awareness so homeowners are conscious of likely asbestos locations and avoid disrupting these areas.

Continue reading

DIY Renovators spark asbestos warning

Our team at Area 51 Asbestos have heard many stories of people throughout Brisbane and Ipswich who have unknowingly come into contact with asbestos when doing demolition work and attempting DIY renovations. Due to the recent popularity of television programmes like The Block, The Renovators and Better Homes & Gardens many couples have been inspired to undertake major home renovations by themselves. According to a recent Herald Sun article, would-be renovators, particularly women, are at greater risk of contracting mesothelioma from asbestos fibres found in most Australian homes built before 1987. In today’s news article we look at the dangers of DIY renovations and why any demolition work in Ipswich and Brisbane should be handled by the experts at Area 51 Asbestos. Continue reading

Asbestos warning: Renovators beware!

shutterstock 412563071-300x200A recent article in the Tasmanian Newspaper ‘The Mercury’ has once again brought the dangers of asbestos to the front of the minds of every single Australian. In today’s blog post, we will summarise some of the key points that were made in the article in an effort to explain to our readers once again why asbestos is so dangerous for you, especially if you are renovating your Brisbane home. Continue reading

Another sad story involving Asbestos exposure

shutterstock 91885472-300x200Here at the Ipswich based Area 51 Asbestos, we have heard countless stories of the heartache and grief involving families who have been exposed to asbestos. We feel that it is good to keep an ear to the ground with stories like these, so that we may use other people’s experiences to educate our customers on the dangers of the horrible substance. In today’s blog post we will take a close look at an article recently published by the team at the University of Western Australia, and share the story of why one town will always be remembered for the wrong reasons. Continue reading


Recent Examples of the reach of Asbestos

asbestos-300x249Here at Area 51 Asbestos Brisbane, we are all too aware of the dangers of asbestos. We understand the damage it can do to our bodies, we understand the way it can hide dormant in areas for years and years, and we also understand it is extremely widespread throughout the world.

In today’s blog post, we have decided to put the spotlight on the asbestos by highlighting two recent examples of how asbestos is still affecting whole towns and suburbs years after it was banned. Continue reading

Even the Queen is having Asbestos issues!

buckinghampalace 11Living in Brisbane, quite often when we think of properties which are riddled with asbestos we automatically begin to think of subtle and small homes. We think of houses that were built sometime before 1985. Perhaps we even think about businesses and older apartment blocks which may contain the material. But ever in your wildest dreams did you think that BUCKINGHAM PALACE WOULD HAVE ASBESTOS PROBLEMS?! Continue reading


How much do you know about Asbestos Disposal?

Removal of AsbestosAt our Ipswich based Area 51 Asbestos, we have already written a series of articles explaining the dangers of Asbestos. We have gone into detail on why the substance is so dangerous, and also why you should never attempt to remove it yourself. In today’s installment of our educational series on asbestos we will educate our Brisbane readers on the processes involved in asbestos disposal, so that you may never attempt to perform this hazardous task yourself. Continue reading