Tonnes of asbestos dumped near day care centre

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It was a find of the worst kind for New South Wales Fire and Rescue teams in inner Sydney after two tonnes of asbestos sheeting was discovered just metres from two childcare centres. Clean-up crews were dispatched to Wattle Lane in Ultimo to clean up the presumed illegal dumping of the cancer causing chemical, amid concerns of fibres being blown from wind into nearby childcare centres.

Crews covered the sheeting with heavy duty plastic and sand to stop fibres being moved from wind and air flow. The asbestos was found just two blocks from the city’s waste management depot. While it’s still unclear who was responsible for the dumping, it’s not the first recent incident where asbestos has been found illegally dumped.

In February, Logan residents reported illegally dumped asbestos on Eagleby Road, with as many as two illegal dumpings of the toxic substance each month, often in areas where residents and children regularly walk and play.

Protective masks and clothing were found among the debris indicating those responsible knew exactly how dangerous the material is and still were willing to put others at risk. Council are appealing to those who spot anyone dumping waste of any time to contact them, with offenders facing heavy fines and prosecution.

Here at Area 51 Asbestos we believe the offenders deserve to be caught and made to pay for this dangerous and selfish behaviour. We hear about the heartache this chemical causes every day and to potentially put other people’s lives at risk due to laziness or because they don’t want to properly dispose of this material is not only wrong but also negligent. We’d like to remind that dumping of asbestos is illegal, and asbestos removal can only be carried by processes that comply with Government legislation.

Let us help you with asbestos removal, we’ve got all the resources to do it quickly, safety and affordable. Think of others first, do the right thing and avoid the consequences. To find out more about our asbestos inspections and asbestos removal services in Ipswich and Brisbane call us today. 1300 AREA 51.