DIY Renovators spark asbestos warning

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Our team at Area 51 Asbestos have heard many stories of people throughout Brisbane and Ipswich who have unknowingly come into contact with asbestos when doing demolition work and attempting DIY renovations. Due to the recent popularity of television programmes like The Block, The Renovators and Better Homes & Gardens many couples have been inspired to undertake major home renovations by themselves. According to a recent Herald Sun article, would-be renovators, particularly women, are at greater risk of contracting mesothelioma from asbestos fibres found in most Australian homes built before 1987. In today’s news article we look at the dangers of DIY renovations and why any demolition work in Ipswich and Brisbane should be handled by the experts at Area 51 Asbestos.

What you can do to ensure you are renovating safely

• Have a hazardous materials survey conducted on your home before undertaking any renovations. This can identify an asbestos materials used in areas to be renovated. A professional assessment service is provided by us at Area 51, as well as safe removal so you can start renovations with minds at ease.
• Never use power tools on asbestos sheeting as this is one of the worst ways to disrupt the microscopic fibres making them an airborne risk to your family and neighbours.
• Never attempt to remove weathered roofing, as this can pose a real asbestos threat since weathering from rain and water eats away at the cement surface which leaves a friable surface which can easily release asbestos fibres. Never pressure clean a roof with asbestos sheeting for the same reason.
• Wear personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times when coming into contact with asbestos. Under Queensland law, minor contact with non-friable asbestos work such as cleaning or small drilling projects is allowed to be undertaken by homeowners provided you wear a proper respirator (dust masks are not sufficient protection) and disposable clothing. Always take a shower after coming into close contact with any materials containing asbestos.
• Any demolition work must be carried out by a licensed asbestos removal company like Area 51

Given the increase in DIY home renovations, partly fuelled by the rise in popularity of renovation programmes like The Block, it is more important than ever that home owners know their responsibilities and to adhere to safety precautions regarding asbestos removal. When it comes to demolition Ipswich and Brisbane, contacting the professionals at Area 51 Asbestos for safe handling and removal is the best way to protect you and your family.